VAT Impact on Logistics Industry in UAE

Logistic is a part of supply chain which starts from the origin and works till the point of consumption in order to satisfy and fulfill the need of the end consumer as it plans, implements, controls as well as helps in performing work effectively and efficiently.

Supply chain is a defined system which helps products and services to move from producer till the end consumer as it involves all the activities (transformation of natural resources, raw materials, and components into a finished product and delivery to the end customer).

Businesses don’t have to pay VAT at the point of import as businesses importing goods into the UAE will be eligible for reverse charge where if businesses are importing goods in other GCC countries which are transshipped through UAE, in that case VAT will be implemented at the first point of entry into the GCC Customs Union. Where export is categorized under zero-rated, storage will also attract VAT as businesses should plan their cash flows accordingly and should also take care of input VAT credit for the same.

Transportation of goods and people and all other related services are also chargeable but will be charged according to the place where transportation begins.

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